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Rebecca Wang Entertainment (RWE) is an independent company which seeks to inspire and encourage creative people to cultivate their artistic passions. While RWE’s early work involved developing, producing, and financing theatrically released motion pictures, the company is broadening its focus as a patron of artistic expression across a wide range of media.

Founder Rebecca Wang’s first project was her role as executive producer for the Hollywood feature PASSION PLAY, a fantasy thriller and love-fueled fable. Starring BAFTA and Golden Globe award winners and Oscar nominees Mickey Rourke and Bill Murray, and co-starring Megan Fox and Rhys Ifans, PASSION PLAY debuted at the Toronto Film Festival.

Beyond film, RWE is dedicated to encouraging and supporting all art forms through Rebecca Wang’s own creative vision. RWE also lends broader support to organisations and events which bring awareness to humanitarian crises.

Rebecca Wang Entertainment advocates for innovative artistic works which are both entertaining and inspiring and whose themes transcend diverse audiences around the world.

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