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Mickey Rourke, Bill Murray, Megan Fox, Kelly Lynch and Rhys Ifan star in this fantasy thriller and love-fuelled fable about an unsuccessful musician who has run out of time. The final moments of his life are overwhelmed with emotions of regret, fear and hope for a final chance at redemption.

Nate (Rourke) is a down on his luck jazz trumpeter who has played his last tune. He bears the weight of a life composed of bad decisions and poor frequentations. Smacked down by hired thug (Chuck Liddell), this sorry small time trumpeter is driven out to the desert. Held at gun point, with his back turned, incapable of facing the pistol, Nate sees his hopes and dreams flash before him.

A change in the wind however would appear to come about and the opportunity to escape his imminent fate is handed to him after the surreal intervention from a wandering band of dessert warriors. From here the realm of fantasy and reverie flirt with the boundaries of reality and Nate can finally attempt to redeem his past.

Lily Lustre (Fox), a carnival freak is the star attraction of a desert roaming circus run by Sam Adanamo (Ifan) which Nate stumbles upon after his escape. This winged-freak or lustful bird-lady captures the musician's imagination and forges a bond with him that will be tested as he attempts to redeem his soul.

Nate is caught up by his past and soon decides to bring Lily to the attention of Happy Shannon (Murray), realising that her she could be bartered for against his debts. This decision sees Nate lose control of his existence. It is only when Nate hits bottom and with the help of his barely together stripper friend (Lynch), that he is able to fight away his demons and claim back his angel along with what is left of his soul.

Rebecca Wang Entertainment Presents PASSION PLAY a film directed and written by Mitch Glazer (Great Expectations, The Recruit), starring Academy Award Nominee and BAFTA winner Mickey Rourke (The Wrestler, Iron Man 2), Academy Award Nominee and Emmy Award winner Bill Murray (Lost in Translation, Ghostbusters), Megan Fox (Transformers), Rhys Ifan (The Boat the Rocked), Kelly Lynch (Charlie's Angels) along with Ultimate Fighting Champion Chuck Liddell. Production Designer Waldemar Kalinowski (Crazy Heart, Leaving Las Vegas) creates yet another sensational visual feel, working alongside Cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Lady in the Water, Hero) as together they blend authenticity and fantasy.

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