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The EJAF’s Academy Viewing Party is one of the most popular and most prestigious events of the year, bringing together Hollywood’s biggest stars on Oscar night.

On Sunday February 28th, the Elton John AIDS Foundation hosted a spectacular list of Hollywood A-listers for the 24th annual Academy Awards Viewing Party. Esteemed guests at the event included Steven Tyler, Mariah Carey, and Hillary Swank, who came together to raise $6.2 million in support of EJAF’s mission of HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment. Rebecca Wang continued her enduring support for the EJAF through this year’s event.

Rebecca Wang at Elton John Aids Foundation


The Academy Viewing Party is the largest event of its kind on Oscar night, and features musical performances, an extravagant dinner, and a live auction made possible by both individual and corporate donors. The year’s event was chaired by Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Denzel Washington, Katy Perry, and Zooey Deschanel, among many others.

Executive producer Rebecca Wang has long supported the Elton John AIDS Foundation’s mission to spread education and treatment for HIV/AIDS. Wang has been benefactor over two consecutive years (2011, 2012) to this event along with Disney Studios, M*A*C Cosmetics, an Caesar’s Palace. From 2014 through 2016, she has resumed her support as patron for the event, a position she also held for their New York Enduring Vision benefit in October 2013. This event recognizes outstanding contribution in the campaign against AIDS and in 2013 honored Hilary Clinton with the Founder’s Award for her tireless work in the field.

“The Elton John AIDS Foundation continues to stand among the most important and influential organisations for AIDS education and research in the world,” said Rebecca Wang. “The popularity and fundraising capabilities of this event show just how far compassion and public outreach can go in fighting humanitarian crises such as AIDS.”

The Elton John AIDS foundation is dedicated to ending AIDS and HIV infection-related deaths worldwide. Over the last two decades it has become one of the world’s leading non-profits in the field, raising over $349 million to date.

Corporate sponsors for this year’s event include Bulgari, M*A*C Viva Glam, Neuro Drinks and Diana Jenkins, and Audi. Funding for the EJAF arrives via contributions from organizations and individuals such as Rebecca Wang, whose deep compassion others has led to her ongoing support for charities working in the fields of research, intervention and prevention of AIDS.

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